Self-Care is Not Selfish + Infographic

Self-Care is Not Selfish + Infographic

Lately I’ve been exploring what self-care really means and why I haven’t made enough time in my life to practice it. Even though your story is likely different than mine, I’m guessing you can relate. Why is it that we often feel selfish, guilty or ashamed to say “no”...

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Coconut Bacon Chocolates

I never really understood the chocolate covered bacon thing. I mean the sweet and salty combo is pretty amazing in most applications, but greasy slabs of fatty bacon slathered in chocolate just doesn’t sound appealing to me. And while I’m on the subject of bacon, I...

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Mushroom Shakshuka

Sometimes life just kicks you right in the butt. Often, you don’t even see it coming and other times it stares you right in the face for so long you forget how much it hurts to get your butt kicked until it’s too late. The way I see it though, you can sit there...

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Socca Pesto Pizza

Ah pizza. Available on just about every street corner in America, infinitely customizable and satisfying to all. Well, sort of. If you’re sensitive to gluten or dairy, pizza may be your nemesis – always beckoning with it’s siren song, then leaving you with a literal...

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Dark Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream

Boy do I love avocados. Enough even, to have them for dessert. I know, I know, but bear with me for a minute. I promise, if you didn’t know there were avocados in this creamy, dreamy, dark chocolate decadence you’d never be the wiser. If fact, once you taste something...

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