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Sometimes life just kicks you right in the butt. Often, you don’t even see it coming and other times it stares you right in the face for so long you forget how much it hurts to get your butt kicked until it’s too late. The way I see it though, you can sit there feeling sorry for yourself or you can dust yourself off and choose to grow from said butt kicking.

Mind Your Mind

I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on recent events in my life, realizing just how damn important self-care is. And I mean real, stripped to the core self-care. Sure I take good care of myself—I eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water—and even though I know how important it is, I forgot to mind the mind, to nourish my soul. And so here I am with one figurative sore bum.


The Livin’s Easy?

I needed to take the hard road and take it easy on myself…wait, what? As I’m sure many of you can relate, I have big ideas and high expectations of myself and what I can accomplish in any given day, week or month. Often I put way too much pressure on myself to accomplish everything and then beat myself up for not being wonder woman. It may sound odd, but it’s hard to stop and say, “Hey, I need a break.” And that’s what I need to do. Take more time to take care of myself so that I can take care of others. Find more clarity and balance in my life.


And so where does this tasty shakshuka fit in? Well, it’s super comforting and simple to make. Often I have everything I need to make this dish in my fridge already (you don’t even need the mushrooms). It’s totally lazy-pants, yet nourishing and, most importantly, delicious. You can tweak the spices and herbs to your liking, although cumin, basil, crushed red pepper and tomato are pretty hard to beat.

So go on, make something simple for dinner. You deserve it.


Mushroom Shakshuka

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Yield: serves 2-4

Mushroom Shakshuka


  • 1 Tbsp. coconut oil or ghee
  • 1 onion chopped
  • 3 cups sliced mushroom (I used button)
  • ½ bunch of kale, stems separated and chopped, leaves sliced into ribbons
  • 1 tsp. cumin
  • ½ tsp. coriander
  • pinch of crushed red pepper flakes
  • 2-14.5oz cans or diced tomatoes
  • 4 eggs
  • ¼ basil, cut into thin strips
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a large saucepan, melt the coconut oil over medium high heat. Add the onion and sauté until starting to soften. Add the mushrooms and chopped kale stems and cook until the mushrooms have released their juices and are beginning to brown.
  2. Add the spices and cook for a few minutes or until fragrant. Dump in the canned tomatoes, stir to combine and bring to a simmer. Lower heat and stir in the kale ribbons.
  3. Create 4 wells in the simmering tomato sauce. Carefully crack the eggs into each well. Cover and cook for a few minutes or until the whites have just set. Remove from heat and season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with basil.
  4. To serve carefully spoon out an egg and some of the tomato sauce.

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